Immerse yourself in a dynamic holographic experience

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Never seen anything like this. Super cool! You guys have to watch the demo video
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Hi everyone, my name is Dhruv and I am the co-founder and CTO at H+ technology. Four years ago, our team embarked on a journey to discover ways to glimpse into the future. At H+ Technology, we are fundamentally changing the way we consume media- a way that was once thought to only exist in science fiction movies. Imagine a world where we could have surreal in-person meetings regardless of the distance apart or have the ability to immerse ourselves in a virtual environment where anything is possible. Two months ago, we unveiled this technology to bring joy to hundreds of kids at Ronald McDonald house. With our technology, kids are able to immerse themselves in a holographic experience with virtual characters in ways the world has never seen before (see our video here:
). And today, we’re bringing this future into your home with MagicBox. We would love to hear some feedback on the product! Thank you!
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lol at requiring an email address to even watch the demo video
@clarklab I found this link!
and their Magic Room one as well
@alexchuang72 @clarklab Thanks for the link. No way I'm giving my email address to watch something...
@syswarren @alexchuang72 @clarklab Thank you Alex. Sorry about being late, I've updated the demo links for more transparency.
I found the demo link here:
We have two prototypes in the making- The Magic Box mini and The Magic Box. Which one would you guys prefer? It would help us a lot if you can cast your vote here: Thanks!
@dhruvadhia depending on price point, but I'd prefer the small one just because I don't have space in my apt to put this