Magic Spreadsheet

Human workforce and AI plugged into your Google Spreadsheets


Sagiv Malihi
@sagivmalihi · CTO & Co-Founder, HEAT
@garrytan - thanks for hunting us! Hello producthunt! Sagiv here. Co-founder of HEAT, along with @yig, We built the Magic Spreadsheet to make HEAT’s hybrid workforce of humans and AIs accessible to anyone with a spreadsheet. The possibilities are truly endless - your spreadsheet literally turns into a dashboard where you can send tasks to thousands of worker… See more
Garry Tan
@garrytan · Angel Investor. Previously Partner, YC
I met Yig recently and was impressed by this demo — it's a browser plugin that sprinkles itself into Google Sheets and enables a large set of crowdworkers to do your bidding directly inside a spreadsheet. It's useful for filling in all sorts of knowledge work quickly, e.g. finding addresses, websites, email addresses, or even jobs like describing people or o… See more
Salil Sethi
@salil_sethi · Founder - SmartKai.com
This looks like a great tool for lead generation. What is the pricing to use this. The pricing tab did not work on the top.
J. Pablo Fernández
@pupeno · Co-founder at Dashman
I love the idea. So many times I created google spreadsheets, then divided them up, sent them to various people, got the results, merged it. Such a pain! If this works well it might become an indispensable tool for the small business.
Dror Bren
This is amazing! Good luck guys