Magic Playlist

Get the playlist of your dreams based on a song

#3 Product of the DayOctober 28, 2015
Very cool. Similar to Pandora but you can actually see the songs upcoming. Nice work, @loverajoel & @aschelstraete. Here's a playlist based on @justinbieber's #WDYM:
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan, glad that you are enjoying Justin Bieber :)
Hi, I'm one of the makers, we were playing with the Spotify API and we found a simple algorithm that let us make awesome playlists. The project is open source and you can suggest changes in the algorithm. Ask me anything and enjoy your new playlist.
@loverajoel This looks really cool, I'm eager to give it a longer test! Are you focusing at all on music discovery -- privileging tracks with lower play counts, etc -- or is it strictly a similarity score?
@dwade @loverajoel the playlist is made from tracks of related artists and group by similarity popularity
@loverajoel i have a streaming service in LatinAmerica. Will love to work with you on making playlists
A really interesting idea using the API of @Spotify. You give the app one song that you like, and it returns to you a full playlist for you to enjoy! The project is also open source, so you can check how it was done in here:
This is really cool. Just poking around I've built some awesome playlists. FUN FACT: I put in a folk/country song I wrote with my daughter "Don't Grow Up on Me" and the top hit was "Fuck the DJ". I guess the algorithm gets really creative when your song has only been heard on Spotify 5 times.
@jamie_mci Thanks, try search "Don't Give Up On Me, BigKids" and a playlist should born. TIP: when songs have poor popularity you should add the artist
@loverajoel This is great, Joel. I wonder if there is any way to create a playlist based on the intersection of two songs/artists? Like what songs sound like a cross between Kayne West's "All Of The Lights" and The Killers' "Human"? That would be interesting.
@muller_adam interesting... it's possible to do it but I don't know what will be the quality of the playlist. I will make a couple of tests.
@muller_adam Thanks for feedback
@loverajoel @muller_adam Ha! Yea, it might not yield pleasing results. Please share if you find out anything cool in testing! :)
@loverajoel @muller_adam Ha! Yea, it might not yield pleasing results. Please share if you find out anything cool in testing! :)
@muller_adam Sure, thanks :D