Magic Mockups

Place your product screenshot in real-life environment

Magic Mockups could use more mockups. PlaceIt, MockuPhone, and Frame might fill the void.
Been looking for a great free alternative to Placeit! Great job, looking forward to more environment shots.
@kwdinc True, but placeit is a money hungry, water-marking liar with a pricing model that I doubt if even THEY understand. I think these guys show solid promise - loving and using them right away
@qvikr @kwdinc sorry to be responding 2 years later but, it's taken them this long to realize their model is unsustainable- they've revised to a simpler pricing model. Let's see how that goes.
As an author i would like to say a few words. This first launch was more like a proof of concept to see if there is a need for such a project, how much server resources it requires and so on. I am really glad so many visitors find my project useful and it gives a lot of enthusiasm. Now i better understand the needs of users and i have a lot clearer vision of what MagicMockups should become in future and what directions are most important for users. Of course most important is to constantly add more environments for more devices. So this is what i will focus the most and i already have a lot of ideas on how to achieve that. Also cropping tool will be available shortly. Second - I already decided to get rid of PRO accounts for Hi-Res images to more user friendly solution to get large images (3000 and 5000+). Currently hi-res sizes for limited time are also available for free. And third - i will improve merging scripts and add screen overlays for more realistic "blend in" feeling.