Magic Launcher

Launch anything instantly from the Today Widget

Apps like this have existed on the App Store for years. What makes this app different or special?
@fbara Please give it a try Frank. There are so many advanced features in this app. It is not just for launching apps, it gives you more controls and easily way to rapid your daily actions. Such are, Magic Contacts which you can SMS/Call/Telegram/FaceTime quickly. Especially, the app has many utilities called Magic Launchers such as Weather, Memory Usage, Countdown, Speed, Altitude, etc..
@hieubuithanh the setting launcher on the top don't work for me in today widget, is that a known issue?
@donnypep Hi Pep, it is known issue. From iOS 10, Apple does not allow us to access their System Settings anymore. It may be due to security reason. It is so bad since they are going to disable these feature in OS level. Are you can see, the Setting launchers in all launcher app in Store are not working now.
There doesn't have to be a question of this app over another. I use this and Launcher. Launch Center Pro I use a little bit, but it's basically terrible in comparison. I'm only puzzled seeing this here because it's not a new app.
@andym_dc You are right, it is not new but the updates are updated every weeks and this is first time it is available in Product Hunt. I just want more other people to know about this app.
How does this different to Launch Centre Pro, or Workflow? Why should I use this over them?
@hugojmd Please try to use it to see what is different between these apps. It will not take too much your time :)