Magic Forms by Cloudstitch

Use Google Sheets as a database for all your web forms

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so useful - can't wait for the rest of the tools!
Thanks @laughsee! Love what you all are doing at New Story!
Nice! I hacked together a personal finance tool on google forms/sheets years ago, bookmarked to home screen to make it amobile "app" and STILL use it to this day. So useful, especially for super lightweight MVP.
@ggnall Awesome! The more people we talk to, the more we're realizing that building apps on top of spreadsheets is really popular and yet for some reason not seen as mainstream -- we're hoping to change that :) We would love to wrap your personal finance app in a Cloudstitch container so that anyone can just click "Clone" and get a copy for themselves. Ping me at if that sounds fun to you.
Hi, Everyone! I'm Ted, one of the founders of Cloudstitch, and I'd like to introduce Magic Forms. I spend a lot of time helping people make web pages, and I wanted a way to build them faster and reduce followup tech support. A common problem is collecting and updating data. Services like Google Forms come close to being great, but they don't quite cut it for real world web developers. Magic Forms is the Google Sheet API I wish Google had. Let me know what you think! We've got a ton more spreadsheet-powered web development tools in the pipeline at Cloudstitch. If you're a web developer, drop us a note in the comments below and we'll get in touch!
Cool! Will give it a try.