Magic Fluids

Colorful fun with fluid simulation

This is a fun and colorful mobile app with a huge amount of customization.

It has been available on Google Play for some time now and has become quite popular. Last week, I released it in Apple App Store (links below).

It has both lite and paid versions, and I'm happy to provide promo codes for the paid iOS version, if this is within the rules.

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@michaljarzabek Awesome app. Just been playing with the Lite version and it is silky smooth on my iPhone XR. I love these types of apps and the endless art they provide. If allowed, I’d certainly love a promo code for the paid version 😉
@craigcpaterson Thanks for the kind words! Also, good to know it works well on iPhone XR - I didn't have any high-end iOS devices at hand for testing. 😃 Here's a few promo codes - enjoy: N6J9J96HX33E - used P3PXLAK9Y9FW RY4E7R964EPX
@michaljarzabek Thank you so much. I used the first of the three codes, so the other two are still available for anyone else to use. One thing I have noticed on the Lite version is that the settings icon is quite difficult to tap on the iPhone XR. Basically have to tap randomly in the general area before it brings up the menu. I recorded a short movie of me trying to hit the settings button –
@craigcpaterson Thanks a lot! The video is very helpful. I had no idea. Hopefully I'll be able to sort it out on the iPhone XR simulator.