Magic Chat is the 1st SMS/MMS app with an AI engine that LITERALLY brings the future one step closer: by predicting what you need so you don’t have to search. It's like having a mind-reading personal assistant 🔮 right inside your texting app.

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Hey Hunters, A huge thank you @_jacksmith for the hunt! Today we are unveiling “Magic Chat”, the 1st SMS app that makes your life easier by predicting what you want to do next, so you don't have to search. 👉 Magic Chat detects intents in SMS messages, and shows you possible action in "Magic Cards" for searching/booking a restaurant, going to an event, finding a professional, buying something, finding directions with Uber, Waze, Google Maps, or flight tickets, etc. 👉 Magic Chat is completely free and respects your privacy as we don’t store any of your data. Instead of ads, we believe in the value of the service we can provide to you through the Magic Cards contextual and personalized predictions. 👉 The app also includes fast reply and emoji prediction based on the emotion of any message. Magic Chat also comes with great sharing features for pictures, videos, audio messages, location, and you can even share the Magic Cards. For once Android users will be served first, and our plan is to incorporate RCS (Android Chat) specifications in the near future. Apple lovers, we don't forget you so we're also looking at WebRTC. Our AI is available in English and we're launching the app in the US for now. And for developers, if you're interested in using our technology we're also working on a SDK. So feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to give it a try when it's available. Please share your feedback and thoughts, this is V1 and there's still plenty to do! Cheers, Eric
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@p01ds I am beyond excited to see this app on Android and I am glad that we are finally arriving at that point where perhaps the apps on Android will be equal and maybe sometimes better than the ones on iOS.
Woah, interesting! Any plans for an iOS version guys? If it's even possible 🤔
Hey @aaronoleary, glad you like it! For now it's not possible for developers to access text messages on iOS, so unfortunately that won't be possible. Things may change with RCS though, if Apple decides to embrace the new standard expected to replace SMS in the coming years.
Really interesting and innovative approach and for sure useful
This is a cool product
I read your privacy policy and it says that you don't collect user data which I find very surprising for an AI company. If so then where do you get the data to train your prediction models?
@alexandre_bruneau That's right, we don't collect any personal data and we don't need to. We have built a very unique synthetic dataset generation tool that allows us to have over 500k patterns generate around 25 million tagged sentences which we then use to train our intent prediction models with.