Emotions = Gamepad. A totally new type of game.

Magic is the first neural network based game where your facial expressions are the game’s controller. You can attack evil characters using four facial expressions: angry, smiley, surprised, or sad.

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Hey hunters! Magic is evolving into an AR entertainment platform and we’re excited to share our first emotion-based game with you! Please share your feedback!
@gabrelyanov This seems like a cheap version of FaceDance are you guys offering a better experience?
@nicholassheriff what do you mean by "cheap version". Magic is a neural network based game that detects users' emotions in real-time using iPhones + we are creating 3D objects in AR. FaceDance has none of that. Don't need to say that gameplay is completely different.
Can't wait to see people playing this type of game on the subway or while walking on the street 😅
@akdm_ =) did you play? What do you think?
@gabrelyanov Nope! I am at work, I don't see myself playing this ahahah 🙄

Way to go! Would like to see what interesting interactions AR ecosystem will bring with Magic in the nearest future.


Seems like fun experience – especially for kids. Very excited to see new releases of the Magic AR platform!


Lags and crashes on iPhone 6 running iOS11

Looks like something interesting.


It's pretty cool :)


More games!

A very interesting gaming experience! Looks promising and specifically for kids
@rviolleau thanks ) kids love our app, you're right