Animated stickers starring you

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Dima, thanks for hunting us! Hello hunters! Magic is the app for creating expressive video-stickers, starring you! With Magic, you can augment your selfies with fun animations and push them out to virtually any messaging or social media platform. You can even access your Magic library from directly within iMessage apps (*RIP emojis*). How does it work? Simply choose the emoji you want to animate, follow the instructions (“Smile!”), and Magic does the rest. Magic uses neural networks to detect physical expression – i.e. Magic knows when you start smiling, frowning, making an angry face, or even giving a peace sign.These physical cues prompt Magic to automatically start animating, recording, and creating a video-sticker for you to share. We’d love for you to try it out and please share your feedback!
I just loved this product as I think it's a great way to easily augment the way we communicate and express more emotions with less friction. This app stands in line with hits of 2016 like Prisma or MSQRD. Excited to see where the team can bring it, congrats on the launch!
Cool stuff guys :)
Great app! I wonder, since the app is free and there is no in-app purchases available at the moment - how do you plan on monetizing the service? PS: app size is 138MB! I hope that you could manage to shrink it somehow sooner or later!
@which_might Thanks for your question! We are about to build a special tool for that (like FB ads manager) where anyone who follows our guidelines will be able to create their own stickers. PS: Next build will weigh much less))
Awesome animations guys! 🎄🎄🎄 Great job 👍