Translate baby noises into English using machine learning!

Maggie translates baby cries for 0 to 12 month year olds into 5 essential causes of stress. The translations can help distinguish the unique cries your baby makes. Maggie can bridge the gap for new or inexperienced caregivers by promoting intuitive responses for the best care possible.

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Amazing. Request for product: An app that uses ML to translate cat meowing into english.
I have a real baby; this is a bogus app. After attempting to use for a full day with our 3-month-old, the app rarely waited more than a second or two to begin "translation" and nearly always suggested "I'm uncomfortable" even when it should have detected coo's and giggles in the sample. I try not to write negative reviews, but if this is intended as anything more than a gimmick (which does not appear to be the case based on the website)... no words.
@sbmarkb Hi Mark, we're sorry you feel that way and we're working on it. Our intentions are to reduce frustration, not increase it. We're currently focusing on stress related cries since we wanted to help caregivers reduce the time it takes to help their babies. We want to eventually look at neutral (boredom, hiccups) as well as positive sounds (laughing), even tracking stages of language development (cooing to babbling for example), and we have a dedicated team trying to do it. Thanks for your time and would like to hear your input, our email is
is there an app coming for slurring drunks that presents coherent english? that would be dope.
ML for good! Also, this is such a perfectly narrow domain that Alexa will likely NEVER go after.
That's super cool! I think after some iterates they can for sure improve it further :)