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Buy and sell authentic Magic: The Gathering cardsπŸƒ

Mage πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ v.2.0 is a real-time 'bid/ask' marketplace. When a bid and ask meet, the transaction happens automagically ✨. No counterfeits or fakes – we are the active middlemen and our experts verify every card before it's sent to you πŸ”.
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Hello everyone! Thank you @katmanalac for hunting, again! You might have seen our first product launch Mage Scanner after graduating Y Combinator's W19 batch. Quote: "My cofounder build the computer vision and machine learning in his bachelor thesis in our company and I'm flying back and forth between cities to meet some of the 35M magic players at big tournaments." Now, 7 months later we're super proud to launch Mage v.2.0, the "Stock Market" for Magic: The Gathering. πŸ”„ WHY "STOCK MARKET"? During YC we've been inspired by the likes of GOAT, StockX and – obviously the stock market, enabling a more convenient way of trading. In the past, you've relied on listing your cards (offers) and waiting; and waiting; and waiting until someone bought your card. Now, you can create both "Bids" and "Asks" for cards. A Bid is a signal to every seller that you're willing to buy a specific card at a specific price, e.g.: "My name is Peer, I've authorised my credit card and I am willing to buy a Tarmogoyf from Ultimate Masters for $35". Sellers can now accept bids and "sell now" to the highest bidder, which is a huge benefit over other marketplaces. πŸ” VERIFICATION We've experienced a lot of insecurities when buying and selling cards online. -"Is this card legit?" -"Will I get the right condition?" -"What happens if it's the wrong card?" -"How can I trust the seller?" We've solved this issue by being the middlemen in between transactions. If you buy from an unknown private individual, the seller will send the cards first to our warehouse and our team will verify the order. If everything is correct, we'll batch and send everything to the buyer. The warehouse is already live in Europe and we're expecting to launch in North America in early 2020. πŸ“¦ STORAGE Having a warehouse is a huge benefit and enables a range of new things we can do. One thing we're launching within the next few weeks is "Mage Storage". Select Storage when checking out and have the cards stay in our warehouse. If you need them; withdraw. If you want to sell them, just create a new Ask and we'll take care of shipping. 🎁 PRODUCT HUNT OFFER: Use "PRODUCTHUNT" when checking out to save 10% on your first order! Mana Thanks, Peer from MageπŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸ§™β€β™€οΈ
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I love Mage - Stellar team and outstanding product!
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The Future of selling and buying MTG Cards! Great!
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So excited for the launch! Can't wait to try it out!
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will you expand to Yugioh or Pokemon cards? Curious to hear why Magic first? Reason I ask because the yugioh and pokemon demographic is younger and open to trying new things. Back when I used to play the Magic people were much older (and most likely stuck in their ways)
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@edisonjoao6871 yes, that is definitely on the roadmap along board games and comic books