MagC Boost

The 24-Hour MacBook Battery Case

The MagC Boost is the world's first integrated battery pack designed specifically to your MacBook. With over 30,000 mAh of battery power, the Boost is capable of keeping your computer comfortably powered for over 24 hours of continuous use, so that your life doesn't need to stop to charge.

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Super excited to have the magC Boost Hunted! It is an awesome product (my laptop is running one of our prototypes as I type this note!). Would love to answer any questions, technical or otherwise, as they come up!
Will there be a adaptor for the USB C? My computer is an older (Retina 15 inch mid 2014) will this work in this situation?
@fromlife89, Hey there Andrew -- Thanks for the question! We are focusing on the USB-C MacBooks at the moment for a few reasons. Mainly there are intellectual-property issues with trying to offer support for the Apple-Mag-Safe connector. (Its the reason you do not see aftermarket chargers for the older MacBooks -- except for the eBay knockoffs). Any-chance there is an upgraded laptop in your future? ;)
@molecularsand Unfortunately, my computer is in tip top shape so there really isn't a reason, be it, expensive change.
I need this, but for a non-USB-C Macbook Pro.