World's first wireless charger for your Apple laptop

MagC is the world's first wireless laptop charger designed specifically for your MacBook. Our goal has been to make technology more natural to use and more human and with the MagC, we are one giant leap closer. Compatible with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, MagC empowers you to charge your laptop and your phone completely cable free.

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Love the idea! But it would be perfect if it was sold to cafes and businesses. That way, you wouldn't still be carrying a charger with you everywhere. You would just use the charge at the coffee place, work, etc.
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@nonoghannam That's actually a really good vertical for this kind of technology. Hotels would also be a great business to sell to.
@hagnerd I really like the hotel idea indeed! Especially if you would want to charge multiple devices while you sleep for example. I think MagC is a great idea. Good luck :)
@nonoghannam What an excellent idea! I know there are airports and the like incorporating Qi charging spaces for phones. But before we can establish a MagC infrastructure, we need to establish a user base. To do that, we need all of y'alls help! Thank you so much for your interest and support!
@nonoghannam Depending on the coffee shop maybe. I’ve seen some in my city cover the plugs because people stay too long and take up space for otherwise paying customers.
Super excited to have MagC Wireless hunted! Campaign was fully funded on Kickstarter in under an hour! (One of our prototypes is running on the 2016 MacBook Pro I am typing on right now!). Love the PH community!
I don't get this. Adding a chunky bit of hardware to your sleek MacBook is a bigger benefit than snapping in a magnetic charger?
@andreasduess The MagC is designed to replace the USB-C charging on the newest model of MacBooks. While many companies have sought to remake the MagSafe for USB-C, we thought it was about time we went beyond wires! Beyond that, as I'm sure you noticed on our campaign, the MagC is no bigger than a standard protective case for MacBooks. Thank you so much for your support!
@andreasduess there is no magnetic charger on the new macbooks.
@andreasduess, The MagC Wireless Case shouldn't really be "bulky". Its really no thicker than the hard-shell plastic cases sold on ( Like these; ). Regarding the "snapping in a magnetic charger", just like @hvllows said; it is gone -- phased out.
@tristan_smith1 Gotcha. This isn't a $140 pain point for me, especially with batteries lasting as long as they do now, but clearly, for others, it is. Best of luck with it all.
Great job !! This should be for all brands , I hope that’s in your mind for next development of it. My best wishes for its massive launch and grand success 😊
i’m lost: this still tethers me to a pad with a cable that i must bring along on travel, correct? and when doing so, it is in fact larger than a magsafe cord?
@passingnotes Thanks so much for your comment! Unfortunately yes, such is the state of contemporary wireless charging. As mentioned above in the comments, many airports, hotels, cafes, etc are jumping on wireless charging and with a strong following we'll be able to set up stations as well such that you won't have to carry it with you. Additionally, to clarify, the MagC is a replacement to USB-C charging not MagSafe (which Apple is slowly removing from their computers like they did the headphone jack with phones.) Thank you again for your support!
@tristan_smith1 i hear you - keep fighting the good fight! this kind of stuff will be everything in a few years