Startups created by ex-employees of top companies

Collection of Founders Who Once Worked at X
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It would be cool to turn this into a sort of family tree of tech. The Paypal -> Yammer -> {{third gen)} connections would be fun to explore.
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Nice design! Some logos are not being shown, have a look to it!
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@carlostenor Good catch! We are working on a fix ASAP ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ
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Great product! Any plans to add any additional data about each company?
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@lachlankirkwood Thanks! No plans to add additional data right now. What type of data do you think is missing right now?
@lachlankirkwood Hey Lachlan, on the footer of the website there's a link to a typeform where you can submit any companies that you know about. This is obviously a very limited list and we hope to grow it in the future!
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Hey PH! We were inspired by the PayPal Mafia and put together a list of other companies founded by X-employees that worked at different companies. We featured companies of all sizes. Let us know what you think!
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@adamgonen You missed one big notable example source. Amazon. Instacart, Flipkart, Convoy,, Twilio, Hulu and many more have been founded by Amazon former employees.
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