The Art Investment Platform.

Maecenas is the first blockchain-based art investment platform.

Our private beta launch is coming your way this June 2018.

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Hi Product Hunt, We created Maecenas with the idea of bringing art to everyone. Like our namesake, Gaius Maecenas, a Roman patron, we feel passionately about the arts. Not just from an appreciation standpoint, but also as a matter of financial prudence. Most wealth managers recommend including art and collectibles as part of an investment portfolio. As much as I love art, I can’t afford the million dollar price tag on a Picasso… but I can (and would like to) have a small piece. By listing and selling shares of art work on Maecenas, fine art is no longer something that is only accessible to the very few über wealthy elite. Maecenas is the first open blockchain platform that democratises the access to fine art investment. Building Maecenas has been a journey many years in the making. From its inceptions of the first exchange platform prototype, we have continually refined and improved modules, interfaces and functionalities, with the Maecenas end-user in mind. Having 10+ years of experience on technology development and systems in the finance industry for large banks such as Barclays and Credit Suisse, the most challenging part for me wasn’t the core blockchain technology, but really understanding the art market. We had to work out legal structures that would connect the blockchain with the real world, comply with cross-jurisdictional requirements, and ensure that our business model would be truly beneficial to the art industry. Three and a half year later, we are proud to have a fully running platform that has been validated by major industry players. I am overwhelmed by the amazing reception that Maecenas has received since its public announcement. The community has been so supportive and engaging, which signals to us that we have created something that the market wants. Here’s some highlights of Maecenas: buy and sell shares in art (like Nasdaq) access to market data to track performance of art pieces against other asset classes (like Bloomberg) galleries and collectors can raise financing by selling shares in your art while retaining ownership investors can gain exposure to art pieces they would otherwise not be able to afford investors can "hedge their bets" by investing in multiple art pieces Fine art is just the start. Our long term plan is to eventually add support for other valuable items such as antiques, collectibles, vintage liquors, etc.