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#4 Product of the DayNovember 29, 2017

Madyourself is an intuitive ad-builder that helps create responsive HTML5 rich media ad units for most adservers, with no regard for coding. It contains rich media features, photoshop integration, social ads, preview link, 50+ preset animations, 100+ ready-to-use animated and interactive templates...and much more!


  • Pros: 

    The best way to earn some time in HTML display production


    It's already very complete, but we will probably find some stuff to upgrade

    Former flasher, I used to make a plenty of banners until flash goes. Fortunetly, I jumped on this product to learn quickly how to manage my job and make banners in HTML 5. I can now easily answer to my clients when they ask me to make rich media, but also to apply adserver technical specifications.

    These guys made the job. Cheers

    Yougz Tuelamort has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use interface, very intuitive


    More adservers would be nice

    Very good product!

    Arnaud Rebeillard has used this product for one year.


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Bryan DartoutMaker@bryan_dartout · CTO at Madyourself
Hi guys 👋, I’m Bryan, the Co-Founder of Madyourself. We’re launching a new version of Madyourself, a next-gen online ad-builder to design visually sophisticated HTML5 rich media ads to impress your audience. We wanted to create technologies that help agencies, brands and professionals to skyrocket their HTML5 advertising production, from Brief to Broadcast. To combine quality with quantity. Creating HTML5 ads at scale can be kind of a nightmare: Too much actors involved. Too much corrections rounds. Too much skill set required. Not enough flexibility. Not enough shortcuts. Not enough place for creativity. Madyourself is the solution: - We take care of the code - Crazy drag & drop interface with 500+ preset features to easily create basic to advanced animations for responsive banners - We simplify the banner production process by minimizing the marketing and management struggles - Photoshop extension, Preview Link, HTML/GIF/MP4 export, AdServers Specifications integrated... - We help you get inspire with awesome and high-converting templates - 100+ templates available and new ones each month for free! - We stay close from designers and marketers through a one-on-one assistance to better satisfy their needs - Live Chat available! We want to bring the online experience of your audience to a next level. 🚀 Because a remarkable vision needs a sensational design. We’re so excited to see your creatives and would love to hear your thoughts! PS: We’ve created a Trello Roadmap for the occasion, don’t hesitate to share your ideas there. 🙌 PS2: Also, there’s a special deal for hunters on our website! :3 Thanks!
Stv Df Breyault@veust · Web ad developper
Nice product ! I use it since beta and it is still evolving ! Keep going guy's you're doing a great job !
Bryan DartoutMaker@bryan_dartout · CTO at Madyourself
@veust You're awesome! Thank you so much for all your help.
Barreto David-A.@barretodavida · Webdesigner
Great and useful tool ! The last update is awesome !
Bryan DartoutMaker@bryan_dartout · CTO at Madyourself
@barretodavida Thank you :) this means a lot!
Nomis BuBu@nomis_bubu · I should put an incredible headline here
Really intuitive platform. I would definitely recommend it!
Bryan DartoutMaker@bryan_dartout · CTO at Madyourself
@nomis_bubu Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :)
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
Oo la la, very cool! Unfortunately we're not in the "big player" ball park your pricing seems to be aimed at (including the very generous PH offer). Any plans for a start-up tier?
Bryan DartoutMaker@bryan_dartout · CTO at Madyourself
@scotty_bowler Thank you! This is actually a recurring feedback from small businesses, and we're thinking about a new offer for them. But for the moment, the only thing we can do is a custom plan that fit your needs. Contact us via Live Chat to talk about it :)
Scott Bowler@scotty_bowler · Co-founder
@bryan_dartout Sounds good! I'll create a trial account and give the system a spin before I waste any of your guys time - from the intro video I can see that the product is awesome though!