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With MadKudu for Intercom, SaaS companies can qualify website visitors automatically through the MadKudu Fit score using just an email address. Let qualified leads automatically book a meeting directly in your sales rep’s calendar.
  • Pros: 

    Granting your users a "Michelin starred" kind of experience/onboarding has never been easier!


    The cleaner your database or your tracking, the better. (On time for Spring cleaning ;))

    I own Marketing Ops and Digital Marketing at Algolia and implemented MadKudu about 2 years ago (before it was cool ;)). We are using MadKudu to prioritize leads during the Marketing/Sales hand off process. We are also using it more and more to provide our users that "Michelin starred" level of engagement.

    Fanette has used this product for one year.
  • Brieuc Sebillotte
    Brieuc SebillotteThe power of notes is yet to come!

    A perfect "plug and play" solution. 80% of our sign up enriched in the first days. It offers quite a nice dataset to start playing with it.


    it' be great to segment the leads/user we want to enrich to make the most out if these credits

    Explaining how the fit score is defined would be great to educate free users on scoring, push them to ask themselves the right questions and raise progressively a stronger need.

    Brieuc Sebillotte has used this product for one month.
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Liam Boogar
Liam BoogarMakerHiring@liamboogar · Head of Marketing @ MadKudu
Hey hunters, Very excited to introduce MadKudu for Intercom to the world! We've been working with SaaS companies to bring a frictionless buyer journey to live chat for years now, but this new integration brings our first-ever free plan to all Intercom users. Up to 100 Intercom leads per month scored for free by MadKudu - those scores can be used to trigger great buyer experiences - assign only your best leads to a sales rep or push their scheduling tool automatically so your best leads can book a demo with a sales rep 24/7 from Intercom. This new integration is our first self-serve experience, so we'd really appreciate some feedback from the ProductHunt community. We're really excited to bring our modern marketing operations playbook, used by Shopify, InVision, Segment, IBM & other industry leaders to every SaaS company, so they can build an ideal buyer journey for their best leads from day one. Let us know if you have any questions! -Liam @ MadKudu
John Collins
John Collins@jaycee001 · Director of Content, Intercom
@liamboogar Very excited to see this one out in the wild!
Jessica Meher
Jessica Meher@jessicameher
@liamboogar This is great! Big fan of madkudu and totally makes sense to have this in chat.
Fletcher Richman
Fletcher Richman@fletchrichman · CEO, BubbleIQ: Slack-first ticketing
@liamboogar woah this looks so cool!
Roman Eaton
Roman Eaton@roman_eaton · 🔥Make your customer journey better with
@liamboogar Hello, Liam! I've recently noticed Madkudu and realised that we both help customers to qualify their users and work with most valuable ones. Would be happy to connect with you. Also, read some of your articles in blog - useful content.
Stan Massueras
Stan Massueras@stanmassueras · 🚀
I have always been super impressed by the MadKudu team. Well done Francis and team, huge product launch!
Jeff Gardner
Jeff Gardner@erskingardner · Head of Platform Partnerships @ Intercom
We're so excited to have MadKudu join our app ecosystem 🙌 And honored that they've launched their first ever free, self serve plan alongside it. Now any business, large or small, can benefit from the powerful signals and lead scoring that MadKudu brings to the table! Like Liam said, frictionless experience is what defines modern sales process so MadKudu is right at home with Intercom's tools for sales teams. Can't wait for what comes next! (Watch this space... 😉)
Landon Bennett
Landon Bennett@landonb32 · Co-founder, Ad Reform &
Congrats team! Loving the app so far at Userfeed
Jorge Selva
Jorge Selva@jorge_selva
Awesome work Madkudu team!