MadKudu for HubSpot

Say goodbye to manual lead scoring and blackbox solutions

With MadKudu for HubSpot, qualify your leads and accounts in HubSpot using all your external data (analytics, billing...) and win the confidence of your sales team by showing them the signals behind each scores.
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guillaume cabane
Growth Advisor | Speaker
I've been using @madkudu for the past 5 years, at @mention @segment @drift. I've tested 5 or more other lead scoring platforms. Some are good, some are crap. Madkudu is great. 🙌 Why?
  • Their predictions are top notch (aka >70% concentration of revenue within less than 20% of leads).
  • Their are one of the few that are API first (and not just a clunky UI or salesforce only thing)
  • They are very reactive with feature requests
  • They are applying predictions to a broader use case than just lead scoring. So what's with this new Hubspot integration? Well it enables tens of thousands of marketers to tap into the power of Madkudu, with no need to have SalesForce or dabble with the API. Better lead scoring, for better marketing, right in your CRM. It's that simple. Questions? Just ask 👇
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    Liam Boogar
    Brand Marketing @ 360Learning
    Thanks @guillaumecabane for hunting MadKudu for HubSpot! The MadKudu team has been hard at work with customers getting this integration tip-top and ready for the HubSpot community and we're excited to see new users test it out in the wild! If you're using HubSpot today and want to get a little more out of your landing pages, live chat, or lead score, give us a holler!
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    Gilles Bertaux
    Co-founder/CEO @Livestormapp
    MadKudu is the next logical evolution of any marketing stack right now.
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    @gillesbertaux Thanks for the kind words!
    Congrats! Love that madkudu is expanding integrations with the platforms we use everyday. I was already excited about intercom, even more about hubspot!!
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    @emna_ghariani1 And more to come...
    Thanks @guillaumecabane for hunting and thanks @hughbeme and the HubSpot platform team for making this possible! HubSpot is a fantastic platform to build on and integrate with (in particular, we're great fans of the webhook subscription system to ensure that all leads get scored immediately). HubSpot also did a fantastic job (along with Thoughbot) in helping us maintain the HubSpot SDK for node.js: We can't wait to expand on this!
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