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#3 Product of the DayAugust 08, 2019
Description: MadKudu for Google Sheets qualifies a list of prospects or accounts directly in Google Sheets, in one click. Let your team know which accounts are valuable and make the right choice!
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I've been using MadKudu for 5 years, @mention , @segmentio, @drift ! I've tested 5 or more other lead scoring platforms. Some are good, some are crap. @madkudu is great. 🙌 But today I want to talk about a product I had the chance to try for the last few weeks. I'm happy to introduce you MadKudu for Google Sheets! We all handle from time to time spreadsheets to do our marketing or outbound campaigns. And it's really painful to manage, sort the data in an efficient way. With this addon, I can qualify leads or accounts directly on Google Sheets in one click! I know in a few seconds what account is valuable and I can make the right choice in a few seconds. I used this tool in 3 ways: - It allowed me to spend less time to know which event I need to go - It allowed me to know who I'd like to talk to during the event - It allowed me to prioritize my outbound sales **Better lead scoring, for better marketing, right in your Google Sheets. It's that simple.** Questions?
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I've been a big fan of MadKudu for years now, so much that I even worked there for a while. It's incredible how much value you can create just by switching the order of leads that you talk to. Using the scoring in Google Sheets is definitely a must. Whenever you have a big list and you aren't sure that you want to add all of them to your CRM, it becomes super easy to sort through your leads to see which ones will become your best customers. Talking to the 20% of leads that will generate 80% of revenue becomes super easy. Try it out!
@pierre_lechelle Thanks Pierre!
Madkudu has become the next logical step when companies think about automated lead scoring. Works perfectly with Intercom, Hubspot, and now Sheet. Great job guys!
@gillesbertaux Thanks for kind words Gilles! This also works perfectly with Livestorm to score your webinar attendees ;-) We used to leverage it to score attendees and distribute high quality leads across our AE team and hand off the rest to marketing. This works especially well when doing webinars with other companies and thus not having the leads created directly in the CRM
Just tried it, very easy to install, and use. I didn't have the chance to try it on large dataset but it seems promising! I'm also curious to know how the model works!
@jonathantourim Glad to hear you had a great first experience! The default model that comes with a free plan is a fairly generic lead scoring model based on what we've seen most startups optimize for in their GTM. If you'd like to be able to leverage a more tailored model to your ideal customer profile you can connect your CRM to MadKudu. The platform will then learn from your historical successes to determine what makes for a great lead for your business
@francisbrero1 Thanks for your anwser, then your basic model is adapted to my company! Let's try it for weeks :)
@jonathantourim Music to my ears!
Thanks Guillaume! For the past few weeks we've been beta testing the new MadKudu for Google Sheets! We've been amazed by the number of use cases our users have found for it: Decide which event to attend by scoring their attendees Score a large list of leads before loading the best ones to your CRM Prioritize who you'd like to talk to at a given conference ... We're excited to see what else you come up with. Let us know if you have any questions!