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The app has a feature where any Madhat can be sent in an editable format to be collaborated on with another user(s) (called Madhat Remixes). It's as simple as clicking the corresponding link to the madhat sent to a friend & does not require authentication! Click this link on your iphone: to riff on the original P.H. Madhat.
Love the added "remix" idea! Very well designed app.
@heyryanleys thanks Ryan! Feel free to remix the PH Madhat we made πŸ˜„ & if you do, post on insta with #madhatapp 🎩
Thanks @_jacksmith for hunting Madhat and introducing it to the community. We believe that everyone is inherently creative and created the first creative posting tool with Generation Z top of mind. With Madhat you can animate anything you can draw and collaborate on your creations with friends and the brands you love, all with no need to authenticate (a.k.a. login)! We recently partnered with Tumblr and our grateful to be featured on PH. I am here today with our CPO @burr_nyc to answer any questions. Happy creating!
Congrats @judeanasta and @burr_nyc! Love the new features.
@stevepyoung thanks man! Don't forget to try remixing very specially produced in honor of Product Hunt!
@_jacksmith thanks so much for hunting Madhat. We are excited to debut the new & improved Madhat with "Madhat Remixes" on Product Hunt. @rrhoover check us out. Looking at some similar products you've enjoyed, we think you'll dig Madhat πŸ’―πŸŽ©.