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I started building websites with no code waaay back in the day (when it wasn't sexy πŸ˜†). With the whole no-code movement growing at a rapid pace, I got the idea to create a resource where I carefully curate real life no-code web design inspiration.
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Hi all πŸ‘‹ When designing for clients or my own projects I usually turn to Dribbble for inspiration. But more often than not, I get ideas from actual real-life projects πŸ™Œ Most of the time, I use no-code tools such as Elementor, to quickly test out ideas and move fast πŸ’¨. I haven't really been able to find a resource that showcases websites made with no-code toolsβ€”so here we are 😌 On I carefully curate websites made withβ€”well you guessed itβ€”page builders. Besides screenshots, you'll also find what plugins they're using and where they're hosting. This is pretty much the first version of this product, and I hope to release many more updates if there's enough demand. If you want to reach out or connect with me more, you can find me here: - - PS: Shoutout to @dannypostmaa, parts of this design is based on the very first version of Landingfolio.
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@chrisschwartze Congrats Chris! Love the collection πŸ”₯ (Good to see the old design gets a new use hehe)
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@dannypostmaa πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
What page builder do you use?
Beaver Builder
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Wonderful collection.
Chris has put a lot of work into this and has been a vital resource to me and the tech community! Looking forward to this project's growth as well as your others.
@growwithlogan ah thanks dude! That means a lot πŸ™Œ