A platform for startups made without code

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Hey @toomaime, interesting idea and I just submitted :)
Hey all ✌️, I built a new platform called MadeWithoutCode. Say what? There are a lot of great services out there to build products without knowing to code. Nearly every day there are popping up new ideas, mvps and products made without code in my twitter timeline and I wanted to give these StartUps and Products a home. In short, imagine if Angelist and Producthunt had a πŸ‘ΆπŸ» that didn't code - it would be MadeWithoutCode. πŸ› οΈ Tools I am building the platform with: Recently from @ajlkn got a lot of attention and I use it for the frontend. The automation is a mixed between Carrd form, Zapier, Typeform and Airtable. The chat community is based on Slack. Let me know what you think and what features you would like to see on the platform!
@ajlkn @toomaime perfect for learning, and a very useful submission
@ajlkn @thenosh thanks a lot
Looks good @toomaime πŸ‘ŒπŸ» As a non-tech myself I'm always interested in how others in my position have created online businesses. There is sooo many awesome tools now available empowering all non-techs with the ability to create something in a matter of hours! Would love to feature on your site!
@thisdickie Hey Sam thanks for your feedback!! Great submission...going to put it on the site!
Great Idea! Will be so helpful for me and outher non-tech founders :)
@salatielq thanks you! That was the idea
Great product for non tech users. Thanks for listing :)
@shyjal thanks!