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Hey, everyone - Peter from MadeClose here. I'm excited to share our new gifting platform with you! We are featuring hundreds of responsible and local manufacturers whose missions and products tell authentic, engaging stories. This new site is designed to make the process of giving gifts easier and the gifts themselves more impactful. Companies: improve the ROI on your gifting budget! Stop wasting thousands and thousands of dollars giving mundane, stale gifts that don't inspire the recipients. Professionals: stand out in competitive markets! If you're a real estate broker, PR agent or offer professional services give more thoughtful gifts that won't get thrown out! Airbnb hosts: showcase your city and help guests become immersed in the neighborhood they're visiting! They chose not to stay in a sterile chain hotel so show them what makes your city authentic. We are helping you find thoughtful gifts that support local economies and will be remembered by the recipients. Check out MadeClose Gifting and start giving better gifts today!