Made With Code

Google initiative championing creativity, girls, and code.

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Cool initiative that Google launched last week.
Very cool. This is relevant to something I've wanted to bring up. I've been working with @eriktorenberg to bring more women into the Product Hunt community. It's kind of a sausage fest. This is partly my fault -- most of the startup folks in my network when seeding the community, are dudes -- but it's also representative of the macro tech startup scene. I want to ensure women feel included and more selfishly, the contributions + conversation would be more interesting if there were more female chiming in. If you know of any startup/product-loving ladies that might be interested in, please poke me on Twitter (@rrhoover) or email ryan at :)
@eriktorenberg I will intro you to Heather Payne at Ladies Learning Code/Girls Learning Code here in Toronto
@jlax maybe we can partner in some capacity with orgs like this Ryan?
@jlax awesome let's get her into this conversation :)
@eriktorenberg @rrhoover I know you've heard this from me & @KateKendall now - but want to reflag that it's not just finding people who are interested in what you have. The product was built by white men in tech so is inherently biased towards those wants/needs. Keep trying to find people, but also try to ask women what they're looking for out of a platform about Products, and what would make them more likely to contribute/stay. :)
Teehan+Lax donated our Leap motion/Google Street View code to this project. You can see it in action in the video. or our video
@eriktorenberg Heather will need access to comment. I sent Ryan an email.
@jlax @rrhoover i got her in she should be good to comment