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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 02, 2017



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Pierre Roberge@jesuisunpapa · Innovation Designer
Legal immigrants of illegal immigrants?
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
@jesuisunpapa does that REALLY matter?
Esteban Aravena@esbvn · Director of Client Services
@jesuisunpapa Trolling-in-comments immigrants or non-trolling-in-comments immigrants?
Pierre Roberge@jesuisunpapa · Innovation Designer
@aramiggs Yes. Laws matter or do they anymore?
@aramiggs @jesuisunpapa Well, one is illegal, the other is not. I am currently in China and cannot really build a company without getting any approval and to me it kind of make sense.
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
@jesuisunpapa ok, so would world be a better place if all mentioned companies didn't exist because of LAW?
Pierre Roberge@jesuisunpapa · Innovation Designer
@aramiggs What is the point of this site? Most people in the US are legal immigrants or descendants of legal immigrants. And Yes, legal immigrants and their descendants have built this country. Congratulations. Nobody is against legal immigration.
Aram Shahinyan@aramiggs · Art Director at ZOOM GRAPHICS
@jesuisunpapa the point of this website, as far as I understand, is to show the VALUE immigrants have brought to this country. As simple as that.
Michael Suen@poetichentai · Designer, Weirdo
@jesuisunpapa Buddy, I have news for you.
Marko Bonaci@markobonaci · programmer
@aramiggs @jesuisunpapa Of course it matters. There's this small thing called law.
Marko Bonaci@markobonaci · programmer
@aramiggs @jesuisunpapa "because of LAW". Wait, did you really write that? Sorry for nitpicking with trivial things like freedom of speech, rule of law, property rights. We have ample examples around the world that make it pretty obvious that a society becomes a human misery factory when it doesn't uphold these values.
Michael@texasjuicer · Entrepreneur : Developer
Where they made by legal immigrants? Or illegal aliens?
Paul Nylund@paul_nylund · Founder @ Hasty
@texasjuicer Who cares?
Marko Bonaci@markobonaci · programmer
@pyritedotco @texasjuicer People with brains
Paul Nylund@paul_nylund · Founder @ Hasty
@markobonaci and no heart ;)
Marko Bonaci@markobonaci · programmer
@pyritedotco Please. Typical social justice warrior compassion. You are probably one of those who think borders are evil?
Paul Nylund@paul_nylund · Founder @ Hasty
@markobonaci I'm gonna have to agree with you on that one. 😂
Marko Bonaci@markobonaci · programmer
@pyritedotco Enough for me. BTW Pippa Bacca also thought so.
Paul Nylund@paul_nylund · Founder @ Hasty
@markobonaci lol whatever man
Sergey Pirogov@perpetuous · CEO & Founder, wayme (
I would never thought that in a country like America, with such values, and such open minded people it will come a day when people will be devided on immigrants and not immigrants. Although America itself is a country of immigrants (of course, except the indigenous people).
Marko Bonaci@markobonaci · programmer
@perpetuous can I ask who's dividing people on immigrants and nonimmigrants? Is it even remotely possible that you bought into the leftist MSM hysteria?
Siavash Mahmoudian@siavash · CTO at Breezio
@nateschulte eBay is a good one to add as well. It was founded by Pierre Omidyar, a French-born Iranian-American computer programmer.
Nate Schulte
@nateschulte · Designer
@siavash Great, thanks! Added to the list
Chen Zeev@bulleitandcoke · Co-founder of Clippy and ClippyCam
@nateschulte my company was founded by 2 immigrants (I'm one of them). But to be accurate. Wasn't Jeff Bezos born in New Mexico?
Ted Power@tedp · Co-founder, Abacus
A list of companies made exclusively by American citizens whose ancestors came over on the Mayflower: { }