Mad Distro

Automate your video workflows. No coding required.

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Mad Distro is a workflow automation toolkit for videos. No coding or programming experience required. Your time is better spent focusing on the things that really matter, so we're making it easier to automate the boring and tedious stuff.
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Lachlan Kirkwood
Lachlan Kirkwood@lachlankirkwood · Digital Marketing Specialist
Congrats on the launch! Absolutely love the integrations with existing vide platforms 🙌
Adam Madojemu
Adam MadojemuMaker@that_cheeseguy
@lachlankirkwood Thank you! Looking forward to adding more
Adam Madojemu
Adam MadojemuMaker@that_cheeseguy
Hello Product Hunt, Super excited to share this. I built Mad Distro as a way to save time and avoid repetitive tasks with video editing and processing without needing to code. As a filmmaker and video editor, I often find myself having to do repetitive tasks such as watermarking or resizing videos for social media. I realized that many of these tasks don't really require any creative input and could be standardized. I also didn't want to have to open a video editor every time, so I set out to figure out a way to automate this. Most solutions I found were very expensive enterprise software or required command-line. Though I'm comfortable with coding, I wanted a solution that I could easily share with others who aren't quite as technical, so I decided to build what would end up being Mad Distro. What's next for Mad Distro: It's quite early and there are many more features and integrations planned and being released soon. We're super responsive to feedback so let us know what you think and what you would like to see!