The macro calculator designed for the ketogenic diet.

Macropedia is the macro calculator designed specifically for the ketogenic diet. Search a large database of over 8,000 foods in 25 food groups. Compare and sort foods from most to least ketogenic. Calculate the macronutrient profile of any combination of foods.

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Hey @mansourmoufid, How long have you been doing keto?
@jacqvon Almost three years. Not counting cheat days. :)
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This looks like a great start to a product, but would you consider making this cloud based instead of install. I would love to access this from work and home and my mobile. But have different devices for work and home and we're not allowed to install on work computers. Also, how will this differ from apps like myfitnesspal and the ketodiet iOS app?
This is cool. any plans to make a mobile app, @mansourmoufid?