Macro is a Chrome extension that makes users more productive on the web through keyboard shortcuts.

Macro offers powerful website-specific shortcuts and instant keyboard shortcut discovery across many websites. Think Reddit Enhancement Suite for the web. Learning one website's shortcuts means you won’t have to learn it again for a new website.

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Not much of a power shortcuts user yet, but I can see this helping make browsing more efficient - I like the fact that the shortcuts can carry over across websites! Looking forward to seeing how the extension evolves. Don't forget about us Firefox fans too! ;)
@kaivalyagandhi Definitely, Kai - another thing our users benefit from is the increased discoverability of available shortcuts via the shortcut legend (press Alt+/). Looking forward to hearing how your experience is after using it for a day! And we'll add Firefox support to the roadmap :)
Hey everyone! We're really excited to share Macro with you all. We always found it hard to learn keyboard shortcuts, and asked ourselves "what if we had a keyboard shortcut to do X". We're hoping Macro can help you feel more productive on Chrome on the web :) We'd love to hear any feedback, comments, bug reports, anything really! Thanks for checking us out!
Seems great for Chrome! To bad I use Firefox. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Doesn't work for me. Installed and alt + / didn't work