A super focused image editor for the Mac

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Hi Product Hunters! Macro is a really focused image editor designed to work alongside vector design tools like Sketch. Macro doesn't do a lot. But what it does is all you probably need. - scaling - rotation - perspective - simple colour correction - cropping - metadata - export and compression - beautiful filters All of which can be recorded as actions and batched for really fast workflows And all this in a footprint the size of a small rodent – with an equally miniscule price
@aexmo What do the recorded actions & workflows look like?
This is very nice! There's a ton of apps to quickly edit photos on mobile, but it seems like the desktop has been left out. Because they run on a device that has more screen real-estate and (sometimes) more power shouldn't mean that desktop apps have to be more cluttered or more feature-rich. There's definitely room between Preview and Photoshop to quickly edit pictures and it seems that Macro could be it!
@gflandre yes that's the sweet spot we're aiming for :) for most image editing needs I don't want anything more complex and the batch processing has been a huge time saver already for me
This looks great! I use GIMP at the moment, but it is massively overblown for my very simple (but daily) editing needs. Macro seems like it does everything I need. The only problem is, I'm on Windows. I think I know the answer already, but.... any plans?
@neilcocker win what? ha! sadly not Neil - tbh I wouldn't know where to start on windows but if any windows devs fancy a collaboration then why not!?
Looking very nice, but how does it compare with Polarr Lite?