Slack-style emoji for your mac! :smile:

Macmoji is Slack-style emoji autocompletion for your Mac

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You can achieve something similar with Alfred 3's auto-expanding snippets and Joe Califa's Alfred Emoji Pack, but if for some reason you don't own Alfred 3, this is a great alternative solution! Installation is super easy — such a great trick @warpling: 1. Download emoji substitutions.plist 2. Open System Preferences and navigate to Keyboard > Text 3. Drag the emoji substitutions.plist to the list of substitutions to add them 4. Type something like :boom: or :blackbox: and hit space after! 💥⬛️
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@chrismessina @warpling the millennial shortcuts at the end of the file 😂
Also don't forget about Rocket from @_matthewpalmer ! . Happy owner, and you can add in GIFS and custom images.
I am so happy I found out about this, I was seriously considering doing this by hand (at least for my favorite emoji) the other day.
@immatthamlin I *had* done it by hand before Alfred 3!!
@immatthamlin Same! I finally hit a breaking point yesterday and decided to make the full list. Took *a lot* of regex and messing with the `join` tool to corroborate the Unicode/Slack lists together correctly 😆
@warpling Thank you so much for doing this! (Kind of unfortunate that chrome isn't working) 💯
@immatthamlin my pleasure! And fingers crossed they eventually switch to the native spell checker!
@immatthamlin @warpling Not tech a lot, but I use TextExpander to use shortcuts that work in Chrome. Is there a way to import that to TextExpander? 🤔
So cool! 🙌🙏💫
@nivo0o0 Thanks Niv! I thought you might like this! 😊
It's great that this is free! Does it work anywhere else except for the Messages app?
@mimi_wong it works system wide! (except for apps like Chrome using custom text stuff 😞) It'll also sync to your other devices via iCloud since it's a system text substitution 🙂