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Sounds like a very similar concept to @MeUndies - I'm curious how Mack Weldon differentiates itself.
@MeUndies @liora_ Just a longtime customer ( but I think the product itself is meaningfully different (better..) having tried both. Anecdotal but everyone I've recommended them to or that have mentioned them do so in a positive, "never going back light", compared to MeUndies / Flint and Tinder / Hanes of the world.
@liora_ I work for Mack Weldon. There are a few things that make us different from our competitors. It’s all about the fabric and construction. We use Lenzing Modal® (made of 100% natural beechwood) which is anti-microbial (prevents odor), manages moisture and keeps you cool. When blended with cotton it actually creates a softer, more luxurious feel. Seams are designed to stretch and recover, and we use different materials to keep you comfortable where it counts (18-Hour Jersey, micro pique cool zones, stretch rib between legs). What we offer to all of our customers is our try on guarantee. You can't really know how great Mack Weldon feels until you try it on, and we're confident you'll agree that it's like nothing else in your drawer. If you disagree, email us at and we'll issue a refund or exchange, your choice. Either way, you keep the underwear and our appreciation for trying it on.