A 1991 Macintosh in an app - for Windows, Linux, and macOS

I put an entire Macintosh Quadra with Mac OS 8.1 into an Electron app, together with a bunch of apps and games. It runs on... JavaScript.
This is a toy, but you can transfer files in and out, mount disk images, and time-travel back to the 90ies.
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This is so cool. I literally have a mini Oregon trail and die everytime....
Ah, nostalgia. Thank you for creating this. I might be able to play some old games again!
Legend. I love this
So basically it's ancient Mac as a VM, cute ... what you need is a little handheld thing that holds a PC and 16 bit screen that can move between this, DOS and OS2/WARP, and maybe heck Some linux like Lubuntu or something
Love these nostalgic OS re-enactments in Javascript!