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Hi guys! I'm Kane, I created MacID. If you have any questions I will gladly do my best to answer them here, but if you want a direct line to me the MacID Twitter account is @MacIDHelp where I can help people much easier. MacID is not the first app of its kind, but it is unique in that it harnesses iOS 8's interactive notifications. When you wake your Mac you'll get an interactive notification sent to your phone, which you can authorise from your lock screen without unlocking your iPhone or launching MacID itself. Of course many people worry about battery usage, and the idea of a constant Bluetooth connection is scary, but in reality MacID uses about 1% of overall power usage (if iOS even registers it at all!) MacID supports multiple Macs concurrently, and from within the app itself you can wake, lock and authorise your Mac directly. What's more, if a task requires your OS X password (like dragging protected files to the Trash) MacID will send you a notification then, too. MacID also introduces Tap to Unlock, giving Mac users another way of unlocking their Mac, and has an "auto-lock" option too. Why does MacID exist? To encourage more people to start password protecting their Macs. Many people don't set their Mac to require their password because they don't want to be inconvenienced with typing it over and over, MacID changes all that. Thanks for your time! Kane.
this is pretty cool but does it save much time? how long does it take for the phone and computer to recognise that they are near each other vs just typing in your password?
@lozzagould Hi! MacID stays connected in the background and sends you a notification when you wake your Mac. If your iPhone is locked you can authorise without even unlocking your iPhone with an interactive notification. If your phone is unlocked the interactive notification won't ask for your fingerprint as iOS assumes user presence. MacID running in the background typically uses about 1% of overall battery, but often used such a little amount iOS doesn't even register it in usage statistics. When you're away from your Mac iOS will terminate MacID when it needs the memory and will automatically restore it when it detects a connection request. This all happens in the background so by the time you get back to your Mac it should be reconnected already. The actual connection process takes about 1-2 seconds, but if you've already got a connection you'll get the notification immediately. Hope that helps :)
@lozzagould @captainkaneway This sounds great. It's a shame there is a 1 star review which contradicts the ease of use and reliability of this little app. I love the iOS but I wouldn't take the punt buying it at the current iOS price. It would be good to hear if any ProductHunt users use this and their real opinions.
The idea of unlocking your Mac with TouchID sounds cool. It's similar to http://www.knocktounlock.com/ I wonder how much quicker or more convenient it is.
Looks cool -- how does it compare to KeyTouch? http://www.producthunt.com/posts...
Hiya, everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that MacID v1.1 is now available and adds lots of cool new stuff and fixes some bugs from v1 too. You can check out what's new at http://macid.co/whats-new I hope you like it :)