Puzzle point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design

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This is such a beautiful game, really a great adventure game. Plays great on all devices, some of the puzzles can be quite difficult though :) - A classic
@calimonk Their other game Botanicula is equally beautiful.
LOVE Machinarium. It's been around a while but not super well known to those outside the indie game scene.
I love Machinarium. Too bad that there isn't a sequel. I loved their puzzles!
The music alone is worth this game... do not play without sound!
Great puzzles, aesthetic and quirky-ness. The only thing I hated was being forced to play a crappy pixel arcade shooter over and over because it was so difficult. I'm here to play an adventure game not an ASCII rogue-like inside an adventure game. :) But otherwise great adventure game.