Turns Excel files into awesome interactive web dashboards

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I gotta say that I'm getting tired of giving my email to every second cool product here. By the time you get your invitation they need to pitch you again so you'll sign up. so what's the point? Let's make this place for "real products" only. (just a suggestion)
@F1ReMaN we're exploring adding categories to identify launched vs. pre-launched product submissions. There are several submissions of unreleased products that people get excited about and want to signup for but I can empathize with the "bait and switch" feeling of clicking through to a product to find that it's not available yet. We'll find the right balance, I believe. :)
Link is dead.
Timely and awesome: Every World Cup Goal 1930 - 2010. If I can find some time this afternoon, I'll plug in some Product Hunt data. cc @lpolovets @CAustinB
Can't wait to see what PH and Mattermark do with this
@rrhoover know if they are offering up some early beta invites to Product Hunters?
@srcasm I'm in for early beta too