MacFly Pro

Smart assistant for better Mac performance

MacFly Pro is a simple yet powerful Mac cleaner that keeps an eye on your Mac and ensures its well-being. The app cleans user and system caches, broken application data and media leftovers. MacFly Pro also handles old files and duplicates on your Mac, and uninstalls rarely used app.

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I like that I don`t have to look throu many settings or somethin. It has some buttons I hit to get things done. I also like it lets me choose the size of files (in big files). I don`t get what RAM memory is, but I like clicking on the memory button (nothing bad happens, hahah). But it would be cool if it had some new functions. For instance, when I was selling my Mac, I wish I could delete all my private data forever and be certain it wouldn`t get into somebody`s hands. I don`t know how this function is called, but having it in this app would be perfeeect!
@sofiagarner_ Thank you for your feedback! :) Glad to know you like our app! About extended functional, we`re working on it. New functions will be available quite soon.
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Nice app, but the subscription model, and the cognitive load it adds, makes this an instant "no" for me. We pay for a number of subscriptions for biz apps - mostly because we have little choice not to - bit I am trying to keep the number of these as low as possible. Clean my Mac does a great job and I don't need to think about it unless I want/need to use it.
Hey, Product Hunters! I’m Tomasz from MacFly Pro ( Today I am super excited to share our brand-new product with you. It’s a subscription-based maintenance app for macOS and it’s called MacFly Pro. We wanted to make a simple-yet-powerful tool to keep your Mac’s drive sparkling clean and junk-free. Our intention was to create an app with a clean and intuitive interface, without irritating pop-ups or needless permission requests, and I believe we finally did it! So what’s inside the MacFly Pro? It consists of three major components: * Cleaner. The app can clean user and system caches, broken application data, media leftovers, unneeded mail attachments using Cleaner. * Manager. MacFly Pro also handles old files on your Mac or finds any photo duplicates on the Manager page. * Assistant. This is where the Cleaner and the Manager start working together: it scans your Mac, matching improvement suggestions based on how you use it, gathering all the needed fixes in one place. MacFly Pro is already up for you to try and comes with a free 7-day trial: - check it out and let us know what you think about it! In addition, as a small token of our gratitude to the PH community, we would want to let you experience a FULL FREE MONTH of MacFly Pro! Start using it now by activating the promo code within the app. 👉 PROMO CODE: PHBIRD - available until Dec 2, 2017. MacFly Pro is just getting started. We have plenty of awesome updates coming up to make your Mac feel good, work safely, and live a junk-free life! Thanks to @eric_willis and the PH community for having us. Your comments and questions are most welcomed!
How does this differ from a well known, reliable Mac cleaner like CleanMyMac (which costs less than half the price of MacFly Pro)? Just the Self-learning stuff?
@t55 Thanks for the question, Ton. Our main purpose is to give Mac users a simple tool with minimum unneeded user interactions, that will take care of their Macs on a daily basis. The Assistant is in charge of this. MacFly Pro available with $4.99/mo or $3.33/mo (yearly plan) subscription and as far as I know CleanMyMac is a bit more expensive :)
@tomasz_jesko Well, last time I checked CleanMyMac is $40 - that's the 3.0 edition which was released more than two years ago. So that's about $1.50/mo if you do the math. MacFly Pro will set me back $90 for 27 months. That's not to say I'm not intrigued by your app. Just figuring out if it's worth the price for me...
@t55 The reason why we chose subscription model instead of giving a lifetime license was to make our app affordable for a wide-range audience. Even more, we have special offers for loyal clients to make MacFly Pro even more affordable for our clients.
@tomasz_jesko The subscription model in general sounds very affordable and it is, as long as the buyer/client only uses your product. But it adds up fast if you have a couple of them. 3 bucks here, 7 bucks there, $10 for Netflix, another $10 for your Apple Music or Spotify, $4 for a VPN, etc etc. Add $3.33 for MacFly Pro and the 'affordable' becomes 'too much'.
@t55 Ton, thank you for a very insightful thought. I think that part of "affordabless" is a pretty personal thing but from our side, I can assure that those $3.33 will definitely worth it :)