Open source Markdown editor for OS X influenced by Mou.

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Seems like I'm starting a Markdown editor collection lately. Love the simplicity of this one, and the included themes are very nice. I enjoy the clean, minimal editing interface here. Hoping Markdown becomes more widely accepted. I'd love to use it in place of WYSIWYG editors more often.
@esoelzer lately I've been running most of my blogs with Markdown and loving it:
@clarklab Great post! I've been using Svbtle for blogging lately, myself. The newest version of the digital publishing software we're building at XOXCO will be supporting Markdown, which I'm very excited about.
@esoelzer I know the feeling of collecting Markdown editors. I've gone through a bunch and mostly end up back to Mou since it just works and doesn't over complicate things. Actually really curious what the guys from Realmacsoftware come up with as I've always enjoyed their products like Clear and Ember
I like this, but it’s super buggy. Resizing the window makes everything flash, and hiding the preview is also kind of a disaster. For now, I think I’ll stick with [Draft]( and [iA Writer]( MacDown is best when you need a preview of your document.
downloaded, installed, opened, crashed, deleted. Will try again in the near future.