Lightweight open-source clipboard manager for macOS

Clipboard manager for macOS which does one job - keep your copy history at hand. Lightweight. Open source and free. No fluff.
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Hey there, Product Hunters! I'm Alex, a software engineer who loves open-source. I've built Maccy as I was struggling to find a decent alternative to a popular clipboard manager Parcellite. I used it for a long time while I was on Linux and it was awesome: lightweight, fast, intuitive, and with powerful search features. As I moved to Mac - there was nothing that could match what I got used to. Some of the clipboard managers were too basic and lacked essential features, while others were too overwhelming and unnecessary functionality. Some of them were pricy and didn't offer much in return. I ended up writing my clipboard manager. I designed it to be non-obtrusive, intuitive, fast, lightweight, and to look and feel native to macOS.
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@alex_rodionov this is pretty awesome. I use Clipy that is pretty good but you use it quick enough and it loses focus and I have to use my mouse. I'm trying Maccy but when I select the text I want to paste, it doesn't paste it. I have to paste again. Can you please try Clipy and see how selecting + pasting in one go is better than selecting in one step and then pasting in another? Marvelous job! Looking forward, peace! ✌️
@alex_rodionov Again to be clear — I want the ALT (⌥) selected feature to be default if I press enter.
@mrahmadawais I'm glad you liked it! You can enable automatic pasting by default:
@alex_rodionov AHA. I found the GitHub repo and configured it the way I wanted. Default paste. Also sent a PR.
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It’s always good to see some native macOS apps.
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@thomas_paul_mann Indeed. I had troubles finding something that looks and feels like macOS.
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Congrats on the launch! It's a super useful app, I'm using it since a few months ago when I found it somewhere on twitter. It fits into my workflow just perfectly. It has very minimal unobtrusive UI which is ideal for this type of app. Every macOS user should have it installed on their working computer.
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@leshakoss Thank you, namesake. I'm really glad you like it!
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This looks marvellous, downloading now! 😬
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Quick question @alex_rodionov, is there a way to trigger Maccy with a keyboard shortcut?
@alexanderspoor Yes, the default shortuct is ⌘+⇧+C, but it's also configurable (check
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@alexanderspoor @alex_rodionov Sorry, but I had to immediately uninstall the app once I realized it was overriding the Chrome Dev Tools "Element Inspector" shortcut. Is it possible to change the shortcut?
Amazing work guys! Nice to see you launch. Good luck!
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@dmitrykotlyarenko Thank you, Dmtry! I'm very excited too as this is my very first launch on PH.
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