😍Best Mac prices per dollar for your bucks
🤔 If you need help to decide which Mac that you going to buy
💻 If you need to find out how powerful your Mac is
🖥 If you need to compare Macs with yours
🆒Open Source
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👨🏼‍💻 I was looking for the best mac I could buy with my limited budget. Then I started to make table in Excel. 😲 I realized Mac mini (Late 2014) has better score(per dollar) then MacBook Pro (15-inch Mid 2018). So I decided to buy Mac mini. 😇 I thought I could make this for everyone. To help people to decide which mac that they should buy. 😊 You should check it out.
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Thank you for making this app! It makes it easy to compare all MACs.
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@bora_tanrikulu Thank you! I hope you can find best mac for you
If you are technically inclined, custom made PC to run Mac is always best. There are various sellers who sell them for video editing. Perfectly compatible. I am done with Apples for the 1% pricing scheme.
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@androidlove Thank you for your comment but I think they are hard to find and second handed items are not safe.
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@androidlove any web site to learn easy to buy mac to test things for personal use?
Love the idea, but would be great if the UI was more visual and text was easier to navigate.
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@yash Thank you! I'll work on that
I am sort of the latest version guy. Whenever there is a new MacBook or mac, I cannot help myself to add the mac in cart in apple.com and go to the last order page :)))) I am constantly looking to upgrade my mac to get better performance. I always ask what is the best mac to buy for 2000 USD. And sometimes mac mini is better then MacBook. I wished that there can be a table that we can see see the performance per dollar. Thanks for @batin_eryilmaz building it...
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@sahinboydas I hope it will be useful for everyone to find best mac for them. Thank you so much for your opinions and supports on this project.