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Wait...what's wrong with the cord wrapper that comes with the power supply? It would be one thing if this was low profile or super high quality looking, but it sort of looks like someone wrapped a friendship bracelet around a macbook charger and a coaster at the same time.
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@colbyh my thoughts also. It seems to add a lot of bulk. Which is a bit counterintuitive
@colbyh Maybe it’s the next fashion statement! Back to your point, I really wanted the adapter’s built-in ‘wings’ to work - but it didn’t. When I placed the coiled adapter in my bag, it would unravel at the slightest jostle. The cord would come off that little clip towards the end with a just light flick and even when it did stay, the coils unravel nonetheless. I ended up always having to store the adapter in a separate compartment. The PowerPlay on the hand…we carried out some heavy-duty tests by placing it in a bag along with other contents and putting it through a one-minute shake test. The cords stayed put.
@colbyh @_jacksmith On bulk - we thought that as well. However, when you wrap the cords around the adapter, the coils extend out on both sides of the adapter and end up taking space there too. What the PowerPlay does is simply place the cords’s volume alongside the adapter. The bulk added from the leather is quite minimal and for me, worth the trade-off.
Why would anyone want this when every Mac charging brick has a built-in cord holder. If it uncoils so easily, a simple twist tie or rubber band solves the problem.
I think it's pretty cool. I see that it isn't for everyone, but it is fashionable and unique and serves the intended purpose. Good luck with it!
I personally always wrap my cables over-under, so this doesn't really work for me. This also prevents the cable from coming undone in my bag, so it's never been a problem for me. But I can see how this might be useful if you're not into that. and it certainly looks nicer than loose cable on your desk.
Is there a coil/space for the AC cord (not AC wall adaptor)? Some images onsite show the AC cord but never in the stowed orientation.
@cyim Thanks for the interest! The PowerPlay is dedicated to the adapter cords only. I created a separate product for the thicker AC cords because I noticed people a) didn’t carry them around, or b) used them as a separate solution when they needed extra length.