Mac Buyer's Guide

Recommendation on when to buy Apple products

#4 Product of the WeekJune 29, 2015
Surprised this is here. :) Glad people love the buyer's guide. I really just threw it together one day on a whim since we already track this stuff so closely, and it's turned out to be a really popular feature of our site. I'm particularly proud of our Roundup pages which was meant to take this concept to the next level. We follow rumors so closely on a day to day basis, but for the casual visitor, it's hard to "catch up". For example, - this has everything we know about the next iPhone. So, even if you don't obsess over the latest rumors, you can get caught up really easily.
@arnoldkim I only just recently noticed the "Highlight recent changes" option, it's awesome!
Was just about to pull the trigger on a new Thunderbolt. Thanks for potentially saving me.
@jtriest Yeah I check this every time before I make a purchase decision
Simple and effective. Bookmarked for future use.
I have my own small guide always with me and it's only one sentence: »Don't buy overpriced tech → Don't buy Apple!« That was easy and my wallet liked it too :)
Love this directory. I've been using it and recommending it to friends and clients for a long time.