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We’ve juts made Setapp a whole lot smarter. Now it’s not just a revolutionary app service, it’s a personal advisor that can offer you the apps you’ll like. With our new recommendation system, Setapp looks at the apps you use and suggests more apps that go well together. The system involves robust analysis including popularity, frequency of use, field-specific apps, and general trends. Give it a spin, our machine learning is eager to start learning!
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@yaroslav_stepanenko admire what you guys are doing. The advisor is something that I missed in the earlier version of Setapp. At some point I felt tired of the need of going through the list, installing, researching, trying apps. Will revisit Setapp now.
@yaroslav_stepanenko @stas_kulesh thanks for sharing your feedback. What you have just said was something we had heard from thousands of users and that's exactly why we've been focused on this functionality during last months. And now it is live! The whole Setapp team is super excited! :-)
LOL @ "Hoover Cat" 😸
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@rrhoover believe it or not, but this is a real cat, his name is Hoover, and he lives in our office. He is even included into the list of employees here - https://macpaw.com/about
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Fantastic idea and great implementation! Congrats! 🤘
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@geek_1001 thanks for your support! Can't wait to get Flawless App on board!
Firstly, congrats on the launch 🚀🌟 And can app developers influence on your recommendation system? I mean, should app maker in Setapp asks for the review his\her users or make some actions to get the higher chances to be recommended?
Also, can apps & tools promote themselves in Setapp? 🙂 So, my tool can be recommended without your AI system?
@lisadziuba at the moment, there are few ways to promote your app in Setapp: 1) Nice screenshots and texts full of keywords. That's how your app can be spotted through search and surfing through categories. 2) Driving your own traffic into Setapp via Setapp button (like here: http://sipapp.io/)
@pavlo_pedenko I'd be fine with sponsored apps as long as it's clear which apps are sponsored and which are being recommended by the ai
@lisadziuba The recommendation system is completely independent. It is based only on App usage and App popularity among different users. We want to provide equal opportunities to all developers, so there is no way to separately promote any App.
@kosovan got it! Thanks for answering!
Gorgeous work, we are happy to cooperate with you!
@noizio thanks for supporting us! You won't believe that, but I'm currently listening to "October rain" in Noizio :)