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Their Wordpress is showing... Marketing Automation section in theme demo mode.
@fatfullstacks We have now migrated our servers to Microsoft Azure. The site is up and running now.
This is experiencing some load at the moment due to a dual post on HackerNews and Product Hunt. The story of how this startup began is here: with further comments from the maker here:
@charlieirish Thanks for featuring MaaxMarket. Our site was down due to heavy traffic. We have now migrated the servers to Microsoft Azure and it is more stable now. Thanks again.
We are building a SaaS based marketing automation platform similar to marketo and pardot, but more simplified and easy to use. It is primarily designed for small businesses. It features email marketing automation, social media posts automation depending on customers online behavior. We currently have a working prototype of the product and planning to launch a private beta by Oct 20th 2015. You can sign up for private beta on