Remove DRM From iTunes Videos Quickly And Easily

Why is this on here? Circumventing iTunes DRM is a little sketchy at best
@ow it's on here because product hunt is a website for discussing new products and having found this on a tech blog, I thought that people on ph would find it interesting. At the end of the day, it's not anyone's responsibility to judge if a product should exist or not based on copyright infringement, other than the copyright holder. If Apple (as the copyright holder) doesn't want this product to exist, they can sue the app maker. If apple doesn't want the product on ph, theres an established process for them to express that - that can send ph a dmca notice.nnBesides, as makeuseof describe, the uses for this tool can include personal use to remove the crippling limitations imposed by Apple, eg being able to play videos that you purchase from itunes on a samsung device. DRM has previously been found to be overreaching. Ie if I buy a cd, some courts say that I should be able to play that music on any device that I want and not be hampered by drm.