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Automatically invest in what you want for free.

M1 is an investing tool where your money automatically and intelligently goes to work in the investments you want, without any brokerage fees or commissions. Just pick your investments, deposit money, and let M1's intelligent automation take care of the rest -- for free!

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    Only available for US customers

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Charley Ma
Charley Ma@charleyma · Fintech @ Plaid
Huge fan of the product! What other features can we look forward to? :)
Brian Barnes
Brian BarnesMakerHiring@brbarnes36
@charleyma Tons! In the near-term, there will be a lot of UI/UX updates to make the app more user-friendly and enjoyable to use. This will focus on the portfolio screen, the catalog of M1 pies, the stock / ETF screener (web only), and the sign up flow. We are also adding a "My Pies" section where you'll be able to create new pies from scratch. You don't have to use them right away - so you can create a "High Dividend Large Cap Stocks" pie that you want to use later and have it ready to go whenever you want. We'll also add the ability to share these Pies with friends. In the mid-term, we're doing a lot to display performance and news of your holdings. So, you'll have a better view of how your portfolio and specific Pies / holdings have done in the last day, week, month, etc. Then, we'll have more content and news so you can dig into why these movements occurred. We want everyone to be very well informed on the state of their portfolio. Finally, in the long-term, we'll add checking account functionality so you can direct deposit into the M1 account and pay bills directly from it. Let us know if you have any suggestions! Always looking for good ideas...
Jake Fisher
Jake FisherHunter@venturejakef · PitchDeck Consultant, Venture Formations
I have looked into quite a few of the new robo-advisors and investing startups. M1 was the only platform that allowed me to manage my self-employed IRA's that fit my active management style with no fees. Excited to see how these guys progress!
Alex Bass
Alex Bass@alexhbass · President & CEO, CyberBytes Inc.
@venturejakef there are fees though, .25% yearly for between $1k-$100k. It's kind of a mixture between Weathfront and Robinhood. Weathfront charges .25% annual as well, but the first $10k is managed for free. So you get an additional $9k managed for free over M1. Looks interesting if you want it all in one place, for now I'm sticking with Robinhood for personal stocks since it's free and works well, Weathfront for some personal investing and IRAs. I guess if you want to specifically have stocks within your IRA, that's something you can only do with the big players like Fidelity. And you have to pay per trade commission with them. Hmm, still trying to make up my mind. I'm kinda of the mindset to let the robo advisers at Weathfront take care of my IRA and anything personal that I'm playing around with I can just use Robinhood. How are you liking M1? I was close to signing up then stopped after researching a bit more. Just doesn't seem to offer enough of a unique value proposition compared to what I'm currently doing and doesn't yet have the track record or money managed like Weathfront and Betterment. So that stopped me for now. Thanks!
Cruz@gcwelborn · Software Developer @ Synacor
@alexhbass @venturejakef Alex I also use Robinhood/Wealthfront primarily. I've been looking to move single stock picks i've made on Robinhood into my Roth IRA (not currently possible AFAIK). I might try out m1 in the next month, but the hassle of trying out finance-related apps is a bit of a drag so we'll see
Jake Fisher
Jake FisherHunter@venturejakef · PitchDeck Consultant, Venture Formations
@gcwelborn @alexhbass I agree with you both, Robinhood is what I use for my primary trading. I use M1 for my IRA's due to being able to actually manage them without trade fees unlike Betterment/Wealthfront.
Matthew Witt
Matthew WittMakerHiring@matthewwitt · CMO, M1 Finance
@venturejakef Thank you for the kind words. We designed M1 as a balance between the best passive and active investing applications to offer a singular investing product that can adapt to your individual needs. We're glad you're enjoying using M1!
Matthew Witt
Matthew WittMakerHiring@matthewwitt · CMO, M1 Finance
@gcwelborn @alexhbass @venturejakef We'd definitely love to have you check out M1. We understand it can be time-consuming to move money from one platform to another, so we'd also appreciate any insights or feedback into what would make the process easier for you. Thanks for your interest in M1!
Thomas Sugar
Thomas SugarHiring@thomassugar · Co-founder, Pinstriped
Much better than Robinhood. Thanks for making it.
Matthew Witt
Matthew WittMakerHiring@matthewwitt · CMO, M1 Finance
@thomassugar Thanks! We're glad you're so happy with it.