Lytro Illum

New Lytro Camera: Light-Field Tech + Real Photography

The problem with the first-gen camera was that it was camera for geeks rather than photographers. Lytro Illum with the familiar form-factor aims to change that. See videos here:
Yeah the first camera's form factor wasn't good, this one looks like a winner
I had the first Lytro and my only problem with it was the poor resolution of the pictures taken with it. If they've fixed that, they might have a successful product in their hands
Love the tech in these cameras! Increasing resolution on a Lytro is much more challenging than just reducing the pixel size. I think there are interesting industrial applications of these cameras, but I'm excited to see what enthusiasts end up doing with this new model.
Very curious to see what reception the Illum gets from photographers. The challenge with Lytro's 1st-gen camera—besides the size/resolution of images—was that the output had limited value. You couldn't really share or publish the photos (outside of the Lytro site), which diminished the product's utility. The new compatibility with Lightroom, Aperture, and Photoshop should go a ways to address this, but the seeming lack of sharing support with Instagram, Facebook, etc., is another factor that may make the Illum less than appealing to the prosumer segment.