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Hi everyone! Tuesdays are tough. Especially if you’ve got a busy day ahead. Let’s change the game! Here's what we have – a brand new LyteSpark. Since we introduced the Slack integration in April this year, we’ve pushed all of our efforts into making your video meetings even more comfortable and enjoyable for you and your attendees. It now takes just 10 seconds to launch your first meeting room! With a customizable background and the ability to brand your room, LyteSpark is packed with features enabling you to host the best online meeting experience ever. But enough with the big claims. Here are the facts: - We’ve introduced a new dashboard – 5 meeting rooms completely free. Forever. - We developed a Lock & Knock feature – just lock your room and wait for your attendees to knock - perfect for online interviews. There’s no need to worry about ever being interrupted. - Your customers use iPhones? No problem. There’s now LyteSpark for iOS which works perfectly even on 3G. - We’ve improved the security and privacy of your meetings. Meeting notes, Whiteboard, Private notes – use them and archive securely to your dashboard. - We’ve also rolled out vast amount of minor improvements that contribute to the overall great feel of LyteSpark. TL;DR;? Here’s the GIF. Have a good day!
@igorpavlov having some strange issues when trying to upload a logo. Seems to remove the transparency on PNG files and replace it with full black?
Our team is already working on it, seems a little issue with a converter.
@realdeanward Haha, nice one Dean! Could you please try PNG without transparency or either JPEG, that would be the quickest solution right now. I filed the bug and we will fix it asap! Thank you for letting us know!
You had me at integrates with @Slack! @LyteSpark @igorpavlov
@elizabethhunker Yes! We love Slack and focused to make the transition from text to video as seamless and smooth as possible!
Really nice collaboration deck with chat and docs! Can I actually connect it to our Google Apps account to keep meeting notes and drawings etc?
@aleksandr_kazantsev Thank you! Great question. The meeting notes and other files you worked on will appear in your Google Apps + in your LyteSpark dashboard. If you are looking for a completely white label solution, please feel free to contact us for an Enterprise account 👔
I almost always expect private domains & custom URLs when I see the term 'branded'. Great product otherwise. What is a host license? That seems to be a big factor for pricing options.
@arunpattnaik Yes, it is in our short-term roadmap to wrap rooms in a custom domain. A host licence means you can invite up to 30 people (for Business plan) who will instantly get an ability to have up to 10 rooms each. It means 300 rooms in total. The branding will be also inherited from your master host account.
Really great design. We are going to use this with our multiple VAs
@tyson_mutrux Woohoo! Thanks a lot! We are improving our design non-stop to make it look better and work better.