Create, curate and collaborate on lists

LystOf lets you create curated list of things/items on any topic and also allows to collaborate on different lists. Additionally one can create private list & items, with each item having an option to be marked as seen for efficient interaction.

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Hi Everyone πŸ‘‹ Excited to be here! πŸŽ‰ With so many resources popping out around a topic or space, its difficult to track them all. LystOf, aims to provide best and latest resources on a topic, so that one can be in sync with the developments happening around a topic. We will be adding more features in the coming few weeks, and will keep you guys posted πŸ™‚ Till then, I hope you guys keep Creating, Curating & Collaborating on LystOf. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, I am all ears πŸ‘‚! Thanks a ton to @ferminrp & @amrith for the hunt πŸ™Œ Cheers, Gautam
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Would be 50x more useful if I could add descriptions to each item. Otherwise it's just rrrepo
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@joeadamg Thank you for the suggestion. Will add that by tomorrow !
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@joeadamg Can now add description to each item. Feel free to suggest any other feature.
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@gautam__jain Nice! Except now it gets stuck if I try to create a new list (the "creating" button keeps spinning..)
@joeadamg Sorry about that glitch. Removed that, can create lists now.
@gautam__jain Yep, that fixed it. Thanks!
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