Swipe to plan. Focus on what's next.

Lyster is an app for getting things done and planning effortlessly. Both completing tasks and planning for later is just a swipe away.

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Flip the logo horizontally to create an "L"
Hey Robert - congrats on launching. I like the clean design of the app but I wanted to ask what made you build this app when there are a slew of todo apps out there?
@alincatalin I wanted to create a simple todo app that allows to easily schedule tasks while keeping the interface focused on the current tasks (like "inbox zero" for tasks). I think most todo apps often end up feeling crowded and overwhelming - which in turns gives the user a constant feeling of "having to catch up". Lyster is as much about making you feel good when finishing off todays tasks as actually finishing them off! :)
Nice app. But on Android, you should really consider developing a widget :)
@jmsaponaro Thanks! That’s definitely something we want to do :)
Its easy to use. but i think u should increase the size of bubbles. good job!
@fyegenler Thanks! Are these what you are referring to as bubbles?
I like the fact there is a web version too not just mobile apps - guessing the Android, iOS and web synch?
@krishnade This is correct, I feel it's important to be able to use it anywhere and on any device
@robertherber Thanks for confirming